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If TextMessagePLUS is unable to launch, regardless of the error, it is usually the result of a damaged Microsoft Framework 3.5 installation.

The easiest way to correct this problem is remove the old Microsoft Framework 3.5.  You may do this either by "Add/Remove programs" ("Programs and Features" in Vista) ONLY REMOVE VERSION 3.5!

You may then reinstall Framework 3.5 with this link:

Configuring SMTP (Outgoing Server):

For most people, the AutoDetect will determine the correct SMTP (Outgoing) server.  If this is not the case, it is usually because you are behind a firewall, and you will have to configure it manually.  (If you have the ability, try to disable your firewall, and see if that helps)

If possible, copy your settings from your existing E-mail client program (such as Outlook)

Please note that and Gmail, Yahoo and  Hotmail NO LONGER support this kind of access. (They all did at one time)

Sending Messages:

If you are sending messages but they do not show up on the intended cell phone the try the following:

1) Double check the phone number is correct, valid, and capable of receiving cell phone texts.

2) Be sure the carrier of that cell phone is one of the carriers that you have selected.

3) Verify that you do not have a firewall blocking outgoing messages.

4) Be patient.  Usually the message delivery is instant, but we've seen where the carrier has delayed the delivery of a message for hours.

5) Also check to make sure your computer has not been flagged as a SPAMMER. There are several sites on the internet to help you determine if this is the case.  Here's one link

6) Look at your TECH SUPPORT LOG (Found in the HELP menu) It often contains the clues to a failed delivery.

7) If you still need additional help, you may send your TECH SUPPORT LOG (Found in the HELP menu) to us .


Also, please check out our FAQ