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Carriers supported with PLUS features activated.

Note that version 8.x supports North American Carriers only.

Country Company
Canada Bell
Canada Fido
Canada Koodo
Canada Manitoba
Canada NBTel
Canada PageMart
Canada PageNet
Canada Rogers
Canada Sasktel
Canada Telus
Canada Virgin
USA 3 River Wireless
USA 7-11 Speakout (AT&T)
USA ACS Wireless
USA Advantage Communications
USA AIO Wireless.net
USA AirVoice
USA Alaska Communications
USA Alaska DigiTel/GCI
USA Alltel PCS (Verizon)
USA AlphNow
USA American Messaging (SBC/Ameritech)
USA Aquis Communications
USA Arch Pagers (PageNet)
USA Assurance Wireless
USA AT&T Free2Go
USA Bluegrass Cellular
USA Boost Mobile
USA CallPlus
USA Carolina Mobile Communications
USA Cellular One (Cellone-sf)
USA Cellular One (CelloneUSA)
USA Cellular One 1 *
USA Cellular One 2 *
USA Cellular One PCS
USA Cellular One South West
USA Cellular South
USA Centennial Wireless
USA Central Vermont Communications
USA Cincinnati Bell (AT&T)
USA Cincinnati Bell (gocbw)
USA Cingular (AT&T)
USA Comcast
USA Communication Specialist Companies
USA Communication Specialists
USA Cricket
USA Dobson Communications Corporation
USA Edge Wireless *
USA GCS Paging
USA GTE (Airmessage)
USA GTE (MessageAlert)
USA GTE (pagegate)
USA Helio (Sprint)
USA Illinois Valley Cellular
USA Inland Cellular Telephone
USA JSM Tele-Page
USA Lauttamus Communication
USA Metrocall
USA Mobilecom PA 1
USA Mobilecomm
USA Mobilfone PA
USA MobiPCS (Hawaii)
USA Motient
USA MTA Wireless
USA Net10 (AT&T)
USA Net10 (Tmobile)
USA Nextel (Sprint)
USA Ntelos
USA OnlineBeep
USA PageMart Advanced /2way
USA PageMart/WebLink
USA Pagenet
USA PageOne NorthWest
USA Pioneer / Enid Cellular
USA Powertel
USA ProPage
USA Public Service Cellular
USA Qualcomm
USA Qwest
USA Satellink
USA SBC Ameritech Paging
USA Simple Freedom
USA Simple Mobile
USA Skytel Pagers
USA Southern LINC
USA Sprint
USA SRT Communications *
USA ST Paging
USA SunCom
USA Teletouch
USA Thumb Cellular
USA T-Mobile
USA T-Mobile (Voicestream)
USA T-Mobile USA (Sidekick)
USA Tracfone
USA TSR Wireless
USA TSR Wireless 2
USA US Cellular 1 *
USA US Cellular 2
USA USA Mobility
USA Verizon
USA Verizon Pagers
USA Virgin Mobile (Vmobl)
USA Virgin Mobile (Vxtras)
USA VoiceStream
USA WebLink Wiereless

Note:  This list is subject to change without notice.

(Last updated 5/19/2014)

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