Feature comparison chart

Feature Standard Features PLUS features activated
Send to one or multiple users YES YES
Auto detect recipient's carrier YES YES
Auto-configure outgoing SMTP Server YES YES
Send to Cell phones AND E-mail Addresses YES YES
Cost to send each messages $0.00 $0.00
Number of phone carriers supported 4 (max) Over 100
Customizable subject line NO YES
Categorize recipients NO YES
Import address book NO YES
Export/Backup Address book NO YES
Display ads / Tag Line YES NO
Optional Save Log file NO YES
Message Throttle Control NO (limited) YES
Specify Delivery Time Limits NO YES
Command Line processing (for batches,  scheduling, etc) NO YES
Schedule a message for later delivery NO YES
Repeat a message automatically NO YES
Support for Do-No-Call lists NO YES
Able to include URLs (website links) in message NO YES
Message length 90 characters max up to 500 characters max
Cost FREE One time registration $49.95 (USD)

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